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behind the scenes

I would like to share with you a brief insight of  the inspiration of cafe V.N  and  the experience i will be recreating to the neighbourhood.

Growing up there was always huge sense of excitement when my parents told me we was gonna visit Gradma in Vietnam. I just couldn’t wait to go back to have my favourite thing about travelling to Asia, The street food. The sheer choices and different flavours that was available was always the highlight of the trip, but most importantly it was always grandma’s little food cart on the streets of Ho Chi Minh city, where she specialises in “Pho” and summer rolls,  where the recipes were handed down to grandma by her mother passed down to my mother and now myself.

So the inspiration behind bringing V.N cafe to the local community is to continue grandma’s legacy in carrying on the 4 generation old recipe and deliver the deliciously fresh and healthy dishes to be shared and enjoyed by everyone.

What is “Pho”.? It is considered to be the national dish of Vietnam, where you will find all different variations from the north to south of the country. But one thing remains. The broth. It has to be slow cooked for over 24 hours in beef bones to really bring out the complex aromatics to create a flavoursome broth served with flat rice noodles when mixed with the herbs it all combines to bring a savoury, sweet, sour and spicy flavour which is like no other which is contagiously addictive. It is not just hearty and comforting it is also healthy with an array of health benefits.


Other staple dishes of Vietnam that you will be able to try are also Banh mi, which is pronounced “bun-mee” which translates to bread, originating from Saigon during the French colonisation of Vietnam, with the newly introduced French baguette to the people of Saigon, they started creating sandwiches with a Vietnamese-French hybrid of a baguette, sour pickled daikon and carrot, fresh coriander, cucumber and chillies, with a bit mayo and seasons with a choice of toppings so varied, if you ever visit Vietnam, you have to just go around just try all the different Banh mi across the country. But the most traditional is a chicken pate, cooked sausage and ham.

The last of the family speciality is also the summer roll, it is a rice paper rolled consisting of a choice of protein, vermicelli noodles, rolled in a combination of crunchy vegetables and leafy greens, served with either a homemade peanut sauce or a home made sweet garlic chilli sauce, it is a healthier and lighter version of the Chinese spring roll, perfect for a quick snack or for a light appetiser.

There will be other traditional items on the menu but those main three will be the absolute must try family specials. 

The menu I have put together is designed so that it will cater for everyone from meat eaters, pescatarians, vegetarian or vegans. I believe everyone should be able to enjoy a taste of Vietnam no matter their palette. Where everything will be healthy and freshly made daily just like grandma. I hope you all will enjoy it as much as i enjoy cooking it.


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